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Started in 1968 through a gift by Henrietta Grigg Lewis, the Grigg-Lewis Foundation has maintained an extremely low-profile while having an impact of extraordinary magnitude throughout Eastern Niagara County and beyond. This reserved approach to incredible philanthropic efforts is due in great part to the modesty and whole-hearted charity of the foundation’s founder and primary benefactor, Henrietta Grigg Lewis, who firmly believed gifts of charity were not to receive recognition, but instead to help those in need.


The Foundation is operated by a Board of six directors who meet at least four times a year to consider requests for grants that have been submitted. It is a perpetual foundation. The Foundation does not restrict its benevolence to any particular area of interest, but has  special interest in youth, elderly, human service, community development, and arts and culture.  The Board does concentrate on benefiting as many residents of Eastern Niagara County as possible.


The Grigg-Lewis Foundation has affected thousands of people’s lives and made our regional community a better place to live, work and play for more than 35 years…all through the power of philanthropy. A long-time volunteer and supporter of various non-profits, Mrs. Lewis was anonymously involved in charitable gifts too numerous to mention at all the institutions which she was so intimately involved during her lifetime. Her generous personal efforts were then complemented by the actions of the Foundation.  Since her passing on May 16, 2003, the Foundation carries on her tremendous legacy through its far-reaching support of charitable entities of all shapes, sizes and functions.


The Grigg-Lewis Foundation has maintained its ongoing commitment to Lockport, Eastern Niagara and beyond throughout its history. We are happy to support a Workership Program, donating to 18 organizations annually, benefiting both students and institutions alike by providing paid internships in, and exposure to, the nonprofit sector. Additionally, the Grigg-Lewis Foundation repeatedly funds 28 charities each year with contributions through its Core Group Funding Initiative with “no strings attached,” amounting to more than $300,000. 


With charitable contributions of now approximately $2 million annually, the Grigg-Lewis Foundation is able to impact through its many different pursuits and endeavors on people from educators and scientists, to patients and caregivers, institutions from cultural and service organizations, to  healthcare, educational and research facilities.


A request for grant can be submitted in letter form or by completing the application found on this website.

Board of Directors:

Christa Caldwell, President

R. Thomas Weeks, Vice-President

William B. May, Secretary

Dan L Wilson, Treasurer

Brian F. Costello, Director

Mary F. Murphy, Director



Brooke Burrows, Administrative Assistant

Chris L Smith, Program Coordinator

William B. May, Executive Director


 Summer Workership   Program

         please see our    " press release page"


 Board Meetings  

*Board Meeting Dates

March 21, 2014 deadline of February 14,2014

June 13, 2014 deadline of May 16, 2014

September 19, 2014 deadline of August 22, 2014

December 12, 2014 deadline of November 14, 2014

If grant requests are not received by the end of business day on the above dates, they will be held until the next board meeting.  Regular office hours are 9-4pm.

**Please remember a Letter of Inquiry must be submitted to the Foundation and Request for Proposal must be received by your organization before an application will be reviewed.  You should allow at least one month between the Letter of Inquiry and the application deadline.

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